Macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness in adults and treatment options are limited; however, it may be managed if caught early. At Optical Expressions, we can now take measures to reduce your risk of developing this disease.

One test that we offer for early macular degeneration detection is the QuantifEye Macular Pigment Test. This test measures the amount of zeaxanthin and lutein in the macula. High levels of these pigments are protective for macular degeneration. Inversely, low levels of these pigments increase risk for developing macular degeneration. When comparing these macular pigment levels with family history and other lifestyle risk factors, we are able to make a determination of the overall risk of age related macular degeneration. To learn more about macular pigment density, click here.

We are also providers for Macula Risk, a specialized genetic testing kit for macular degeneration. After a cheek swab, we send our samples to Arctic Medical Laboratories for genetic testing. Macular Risk genetic testing is different from other commercially available genetic testing kits because Macula Risk measures for validated variations of macular degeneration. This allows the Macula Risk prognostic result to be 90% accurate at predicting your age related macular degeneration progression risk within the next 5-10 years. To learn more about Macula Risk, click here.